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Lisa Marie Smith with Dancers on Stage

Setting the Stage for Spectacular Events


Give your team a unique opportunity to take center stage with our LIVE KARAOKE! With an extensive playlist catering to a diverse and wide range of musical tastes, our live karaoke band is adept at tailoring their performance to match the singer's pace, regardless of experience. Additionally, our seasoned vocalists are on hand to not only sing back-up, but also to guide participants every step of the way, ensuring a seamless performance.

Make your team the STAR of the show!


Turn your corporate event into a memorable experience with LIVE KARAOKE!

Someone from our staff will handle the organization of the singers, including text messages to let your guests know when they are on deck - leave it ALL to us! Entrust us with the logistical details, and let your team enjoy the spotlight. 

Efficient Administration:

An experienced host will lead your team’s karaoke adventure, maintaining a positive and energized atmosphere throughout.

Event Host:

Lyrics will be readily available on a monitor with live text scrolling, ensuring your guests always hit the right note.

Lyric Assistance:

Guests can select their desired performance piece from our professionally crafted songlist of over 200 handpicked, well-known songs. These laminated songlists are strategically placed throughout the venue for easy access.

Curated Songlist: